Winter Indoor Hat League 2015


The registration period for the Winter Hat League will be active from 5 PM on Wednesday, January 7th through 5 PM Sunday January 24.  Signup is available through your Player's Page (under My Account menu). 


We are offering an “Indoor Pickup List” (IPL) for the Winter Hat Season. Players on the IPL will join regular season games when a team is in need of extra subs.

The IPL is ideal for:

  • Players who want to play some indoor but don't have enough availability to join a team for the full season
  • Players who want to get extra indoor play time

Any waivered BUDA player may signup for IPL for the HHL season; you can signup for a regular HHL team and also the IPL.

Signup cost for IPL is $25. Any player from IPL who does not attend at least two games as a pickup will be partially or fully credited his/her fee.

Registration for the IPL may be capped depending on interest.

Pickup requests will be processed by the league, we will field requests and select replacements based on availability and rating similarity. Captains may no longer acquire pickups players on their own.


  Northborough Weeknight
Danvers Mondays Danvers Sundays
Location Teamworks Northborough
185 Otis Street, Northborough, MA
Danvers Indoor Sports
150 Andover Street, Danvers, MA
Dates & Times

* Mondays or Wednesdays

* 6 teams

* Febuary 2 through March 25

* 8 weeks, one 90 minute game per week on Monday or Wednesday.

* Wednesday games start at 8pm or 9:30pm

* Monday games start at 7pm

* Mondays

* 8 teams

* Feb 2 through March 25

* 8 weeks, one 90 minute game per week, 

* Games starting at 7:30pm or 9pm.

* Sundays

* 8 teams

* Feb 1 through March 22

* 8 weeks, one 90 minute game per week, 

* Games starting at 4:30pm or 6pm

Weather cancellation policy Teamworks does not close due to any driving conditions.  Therefore, BUDA does not plan to cancel any games.  Travel at your own discretion.  Danvers Indoor Sports may close based on driving conditions.  Check their website for the latest update.  We will do our best to post closings to the top of this league homepage and contact captains.
Cost $95 $95
Arena and Foorwear
A 185x85 foot indoor soccer field with high quality turf.  Plastic cleats are allowed.  Metal spikes not allowed.  A 175x95 foot indoor soccer field with high quality turf.  Plastic cleats are allowed.  Metal spikes not allowed. 
After-game Restaurants Teamworks Northborough has a restaurant and bar on site that overlooks the indoor fields.

Sylvan Street Grille in Peabody, located a few minutes down the road from Danvers Indoor Sports. All league players coming from games can purchase appetizers at 1/2 price.


Continuous Play

  • Games run continuously in a two-pull game: one at the start and one at the start of the second half. After a point is scored by a team, that team puts the disc on the ground.  Then, the team that was scored on starts the next point on offense by "putting the disc into play after a point is scored" (defined below).  
  • When a point is scored, play is stopped and substitutions on both sides can be "initiated" until the disc is put into play. To be "initiated", substitutions must start heading for the team bench area with one arm raised. Play should not restart until substitutions are complete.  
  • "Putting the disc into play after a point is scored" is as follows: 
    1. The handler picks up the disc and brings it to the end zone line nearest to where it was picked up.
    2. Any number of players from each team may substitute. If there are no “initiated” substitutions, immediately proceed to step 3 below. 
    3. The handler and marker must both verbally agree that their teams are ready to play. Failure to make this agreement is a violation.
    4. The handler must establish a pivot point at the spot nearest to the end zone line and start play with a disc check between offense and defense. 
    5. Waiting too long to put the disc into play is considered "delay of game" and the usual USAU rules are in effect for starting a stall. That is, a defender within 10 feet of where the disc is to be put into play can initiate the stall count if audible 10 and 5 second warnings are announced. To prevent the marker from delaying the game, the handler can also give audible 10 and 5 second warnings before declining the marker's privilege to agree that the defense is ready.  Also, by initiating a 10 second warning, you are establishing that you are "in agreement" and ready for your opponent to agree.

Game Timing

  • Games are 90 minute time slots. 
  • First 5 minutes of time slot is for warmup.
  • Start the game at 5 minutes into time slot
  • First half is at approximately 40 minutes into time slot. Captains should identify this time and agree to completely finish the current point. 
  • Halftime is 5 minutes. It can be shorter by agreement of the captains.
  • Second half plays right to the end of the time slot. Tip: for a 90 minute game, set up the scoreboard for 90 minutes and just remember to start at 85, half at 45, game over at 0.
  • Each team gets two 60 second timeouts per game.
  • Recognize that game time slots should start and end exactly on time.  It's difficult to start the timer at the same time the previous game ended, so be sure to subtract the right number of minutes when setting the timer.  Our suggestion is to set the timer once so that it ends exactly when the game time slot is over, but be sure to set it for less time if the game time block already started.  Captains should make a good faith effort to set their game clocks appropriately and not run over their assigned time slot. If a game time is running past the time slot, captains (from the finishing game and the next game’s time slot) should agree to finish the current point. 

End of Game Rules

  • Game ends at the final buzzer (or when the time expires if buzzer is not available) even if the score is tied.  That is, just like basketball, the last throw must be made before the buzzer sounds and/or time expires. The point can still be caught after the time runs out.
  • If there is a foul or violation during the last possession or throw, play can continue for one more throw without a foul or violation.
  • Timeouts may not be called during the last 3 minutes of the game. Any attempt to call a timeout during this period does not result in a turnover, play should immediately restart with a check. 
  • Substitutions are not permitted for both teams during the final 90 seconds of play, except for injuries. 
  • During playoffs, if the score is tied at the buzzer, ignore the time and play to the end of the point.


  • All Soccer Goal surfaces are out of bounds.  Any disc or player contacting the inside edges of the Goal or the net/wall is immediately out of bounds. 
  • A wall trap is legal since the wall is in play.
  • If the disc is trapped against the wall by two opponents at the same time, tie goes to the offense. If there is disagreement about who trapped it first, the disc goes back to the thrower.
  • Any disc that comes to rest in the net above the boards or between the net and the wall is considered out of bounds. When this happens in an end zone, the disc comes to the goal line.
  • The ceiling and/or beams are out of bounds. The disc comes back into play where it landed or at the front of the end zone (if it landed in the end zone)
  • Endzones are 4 yards unless captains agree to differences

Other Important Differences from General USAU Rules

  • Each team fields 5 players per point instead of 7
  • Stall count is to 7.
  • Contested stalls go back 2 seconds, just like USAU rules.
  • Fouls over 5 seconds that would restart the stall at 6 seconds in USAU rules should be brought started at 4 seconds instead.
  • No foot blocks.

Gender Ratio

  • Ratio for the league is 4/1 or 3/2.  Offense chooses ratio at the beginning of a point and defense must match.

  • Do not switch the gender ratio between every point. This wastes time and does not work well with continuous play.

  • Instead, do this: play a handful of points at 4/1, then play another handful of points at 3/2, etc.
  • Danvers Sunday and Monday teams all have 4 women. Generally: play 60% of points at 4/1 ratio, 40% at 3/2 ratio.
  • Northborough teams have 3 or 4 women.  Generally: play 75% of points at 4/1 ratio; 25% at 3/2 ratio.
  • Captains should negotiate fair gender ratio plans before the game when there are an unequal number of women between the teams. Please do not force your opponent to play at a fixed gender ratio that causes too little play time or too little rest for one gender.




If you're in need of a ride or want to find a carpool partner, we suggest posting to the WHL Forum.  If you find a carpool partner, then you'll want to change your HHL application to sign up with that partner to get on the same team.  We want to make it clear that changing your application will not effect your chances of getting into the league.  However, you must change your application before the registration deadline or else you'll lose the chance to change your partner request.

If you have questions about the Winter Hat League, please send e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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