Volunteer of the Year

Every year, BUDA runs countless programs, events, and leagues. We do this through the efforts of many volunteers who work hard to provide services for the Ultimate community. Their only payback is the thanks they get from you. And now, BUDA has decided that when volunteers go above and beyond they should get some sort of tangible thank you, as well.

To that end, BUDA will name and present a gift bag to certain Volunteers of the Year each year. For our first time (March, 2007) we will do this in March, but typically we'll do this at the end of each year. A sort of end of year thank you.

If you know of someone who went above and beyond in the past year to help make a BUDA event or program a success, please email our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your nomination. Please write a couple of sentences to tell us why this person is deserving. Every nominee will be considered, but only a small number will get the coveted Volunteer of the Year recognition.

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