Spring 2010 GrandMasters CLUB League

Welcome to the first ever Spring GrandMasters League (men 40+, women 35+).  Unlike the past two Fall seasons, this Spring GM League will be open, not mixed.  That means no gender rules.

Games in Lexington will run Sundays 3pm - 7pm from April 11 - May 16.  Games in JP (separate league) will run on Friday nights April 9 - May 28.

To register, please go to your player page to sign up for a team or to put your name into the draft for the Lexington Club League, or put your name into the virtual hat for the JP Hat League.  Both leagues are GM, just run in different locations.

If you're a captain, go to your captain page and register your team !


In all cases, you may need to update your profile first as we now require a full DOB instead of just the year of birth (previous format).  If you have questions, please email gm at buda dot org.

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