Grand Masters Club League

Fall 2012 Grand Masters Club Wrap-up

Fall GM Club saw spirited play with seven teams, in spite of several weather cancellations. Final standings are listed below:

Not Dead Yet 4-1
Fighting Kung Fu Monks 3-1
Huck and Play D 3-1
Zippy 3-2
Natick Ultimate 2-3
Fossil Fuel 1-4
Huckagenrains 0-4

Next up for GM Club is the Spring 2013 Early Bird Special tournament.  Details will be posted and a mailing sent to captains when the date and location are confirmed.

Have a great Winter!


Grand Masters Spring 2012 Early Bird Special Tournament

BUDA Grand Masters held its Early Bird Special tournament on Sunday, May 6th, in Lexington.  The weather cooperated with a perfect day for Ultimate and the 2:00 PM start time worked well for busy seniors.

Six local co-ed teams competed in a round-robin format with two of the teams joining only in the final week.  Games were to 13.   Play was officially 5/2, but there were occasional 4/3 points and some admirable 6/1 play from the sole woman on one team.  Several “free agents” picked up with teams as well.

The final standings were as follows (game scores follow below):

Ultimatums  3-0
Kung Fu Monks  2-1
Zippy  2-1
Das Boot  1-2
Huck and Play D  1-2
Fossil Fuel  0-3

Many children also joined in the fun, including one little boy who was most interested in collecting and rearranging cones.  Special thanks are due to Raphael Savir, who coordinated the fields and offered logistical advice.

We’re looking forward to a similar Fall event, and hoping to draw in more teams.  Stay tuned for information.  If you have GM friends who’d like to play, send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be added to our e-mailings.


Ultimatums 13 Zippy 4
Kung Fu Monks 14 Das Boot 12
Huck and Play D 13 Fossil Fuel 6


Zippy 13 Huck and Play D 9
Kung Fu Monks 14 Fossil Fuel 7
Ultimatums 13 Das Boot 4


Zippy 13 Fossil Fuel 3
Das Boot 13 Huck and Play D 12
Ultimatums 13 Kung Fu Monks 11


September, 2011: GM Day of Play tourney was a great success. The weather was a perfect 60+ and sunny, the fields were soft, play was hard and with great spirit.  8 teams divided into two divisons.  Final results were as follows:

Div1: Zippy 3-0, Flashback 2-1, Huck 'n' Play D 1-2, Mass Hysteria 0-3
Zippy 12
Flashback 9
Mass Hysteria 9
Flashback 15
Mass Hysteria 11
Zippy 15
Zippy 15
Mass Hysteria 10
Flashback 15
Div2: Das Boot 3-0, Fossil Fuel 2-1, Old Chums 1-2, Huckagenerians 0-3
Fossil Fuel 14
Huckagenerians 10
Das Boot 12
Old Chums 7
Das Boot 15
Fossil Fuel 6
Huckagenerians 10
Old Chums 15
Fossil Fuel 13
Old Chums 11
Das Boot 15
Huckagenerians 10

Calendar of events for 2012:

To be posted ...



This is what happened in 2011:

  • Spring Hat League in Medford and JP
  • Easterns Qualifiers
  • Nationals in Cincinnati, OH
  • Other travel tourneys include: Philly Aug 27, 28
  • 'Day of Play' one-day tournament in the Boston area on Sunday, September 18th.
  • GM Fall 'Hat' League was cancelled due to lack of field space. We'll be back with this popular league in the Spring of 2012.
  • GM Fall 'Club' League has been canceled for 2011 due to field renovations.  We'll be back with this popular league in 2012 on improved fields !


This is what happened in 2010:

  • Spring GM League in Lexington and JP.  We have divided into a team-based league in Lexington (what we ran in Fall 2009 in Lex and JP) and a completely hat-based league in JP.  Games will run April 9 - May 28, approximately.  There will be no separate weekend tournament.
  • Easterns Mixed/Masters.  Once again, we will run a Grand Masters division at this tournament June 5/6.  This year, we're hoping that all the teams from our Spring League will play, as well as teams from afar (CT, NY, Western MA, VT, NJ, PA, MD, DC).  Get info and register
  • National Championship tournament in Colorado in July
  • Fall GM League in Lexington and JP, probably run similarly to the league we ran last fall.  Look for details here in July/August, and also please give us feedback at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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