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How do I register a team?

Register your team(s) and provide contact information via the 2014 MA HS UL Registration form.  If you have not filled this out for your team yet, please do so.  You can edit your team's details and search and view other teams contact info in the spreadsheet that is linked from the form.

How do I report scores?

Report your scores on the USAU website: Boys | Girls That way you can see how you stack up with teams around the country!

We ask that winning coaches/captains report scores; both teams, however, are REQUIRED to submit Spirit Scores after each game.

What’s this about Spirit Scores?

In order to encourage spirited play (ie. playing by the rules, with good sportsmanship and respect for one’s opponent), teams will be required to submit a Spirit Score after each game, as well as report the actual score. Teams with poor scores will be notified and given a chance to turn their attitudes around; if they cannot do this, they may not be eligible for championship play. We’re doing this because in the end, playing Ultimate is about having fun, and playing a team with poor spirit is no fun at all.

Unfortunately there's no USAU spirit score reporting, so you can do that through our Spirit Score Form


What if my school does not have a team?

You have options. First, you can try to start a team or club at your school. BUDA can help! Here's how:

1) We can run free clinics to teach all the students the sport of Ultimate in your school's PE classes. We'll need the permission of the AD and the PE teachers, and that's where a parent's intervention can be critical. In our experience, this is a great way to get a club or team going at your school.

2) a) You can join a team at a different school. In the MA HS League, teams may take a maximum of 1 player from another school which does not field a team. [Maximum of 1 player total per sponsoring team.]

b) Two schools with a sub-team number of players can combine to form a "consortium" team to play in the League. Note that a team of this type would only be eligible to play at States if they shared academic or athletic resources.

3) You can play in the Summer and Fall U19 Leagues.

4) You can join adult rec leagues. See our Leagues menu.


What’s newish about the league this year?

The Open Conference has been renamed to Boys. This was done to align High School with College and Club competition levels, as well as other youth sports. Gender eligibility remains the same. Girls are eligible to play on teams in the Boys Conference. Division 1 teams will tend to be the more established, experienced teams playing at a high level of intensity. Division 2 teams are generally less experienced teams, or the B teams or JV teams of more established programs. Division 3 teams are generally low experience start-up and Middle School teams. By dividing the teams, we hope to make it easier for you to schedule good, competitive games with other teams at the same level.

USAU has launched a new Rostering System. A Team Roster must now be created before applying it to an Event, which is what the League is, a USAU Event. The State Championships are a SEPARATE Event. A help document is available here:


Remaining the same from last year is that all Divisions will be USAU sanctioned. That means that everyone playing on ALL teams will have to become a USAU member. In the distant past, this requirement had only applied for teams playing in the end-of-the-season championship; we’ve been requiring it because the League itself is USAU-sanctioned.


Speaking of which, when are the championships?

The Massachusetts State Championships will be held over two weekends. Open I is scheduled for 5/24-25 at Greenfield Community College. Girls on 5/31 at Devens ; Open II on 5/31 at Devens, and Open III on 6/1 at Devens.

Do I have to join the USAU to play in the League?


How do I schedule games?

One good way to get a lot of games scheduled is to attend one of the scheduling meetings held in the beginning of the year [2/4/2014 @ Lexington HS, 7pm]. Take a calendar to the meeting, meet other teams, and start arranging games! Otherwise, you’d simply contact teams from the Team List. To join the League google group, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

 When scheduling games, try to focus first on teams in your geographic region and division.


What's staying the same?

The MA HSUL will be playing the 11th edition of the USAU rules, so it is important to know them. We recommend sitting down with your team before the season starts and going over the 11th edition page-by-page to make sure everyone’s clear on the rules. (This is an important part of playing with good spirit – very often disputes arise from poor knowledge of the rules.) You can also check the USAU website for a list of things that are different from the 10th edition.


Got a question?  Send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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