Summer Club League Policies and Procedures

Summer Club League - Policies and Procedures


TEAMS Regular Season Tournament


Teams in BUDA Summer Club League (SCL) are self-created and organized. The league runs from early May through mid August. The league will schedule one game per week with other registered teams in advance of the regular season, with a few openings (BYE weeks) that teams are left to fill in as desired. Teams can add additional games during scheduled weeks as well. Traditionally games are played on Thursdays and Tuesdays during “after work” hours (6:00pm on). However, any day and time can be used. It is up to the teams involved to decide where and when these games will be played within the scheduled week - the Captains are left to work this out on their own, generally by email.

As a Boston-area league, it is assumed that teams operate in and around the metropolitan area, and that a reasonably convenient field or travel arrangement will be agreed to when scheduling games. Teams that are located outside the 128 beltway should expect to travel in toward Boston when playing metro teams. It is further assumed that most teams are somewhat mobile, in terms of using cars to get to field sites, although some teams have existed with a "by T only" policy. The league can assist with scheduling if this is the case.

Divisions are organized by gender makeup, region and skill level. We generally have 5/2 coed divisions 1 through 4 (with division 1 being most competitive). In addition, we will have Open (gender neutral) divisions 1 and 2, as well as 4/3 coed divisions 1 through 3. These groups cover the entire Boston area, although most teams are within the 128 beltway. Finally, we will have 5/2 coed west and north divisions, representing areas outside 128. Definitions of these gender makeups are given below. Teams can select where they are placed region and gender-wise, and generally they can select by division as well, although the league will sometimes make adjustments. The league can assist with placing new teams. See comments below regarding where games are scheduled and played.

Finally, at the time of registration, teams will have an opportunity to decide when their scheduled games will start - this can be important for college teams, especially if many of their players aren't going to be available at the normal start of our season (typically the first or second week of May).



An annual fee is required, to be paid prior to the start of the season in order to receive a league generated schedule. This fee includes participation in the regular season and in the end of season tournament. Rebates are awarded for attendance at the preseason Captains’ meeting and for fulfilling requirements for waiver submission. Specifics on the fees and due dates will be posted on the SCL home page prior to the start of each season, and will be reviewed during the Captains’ meeting.

Note that we require payment be made via Paypal, which will be a separate action the captain will have to take after registering a team. Payment is made either by a link from the Captain's Page or by following the prompt that appears during the registration process. Although Paypal is being used for this transaction, payment can be made by a credit card without the use of a pre-existing Paypal account. If the captain does not have either a Paypal account or a credit card for this transaction, the BUDA roster can be used to designate an additional captain who does have either and is a BUDA registered teammate, who can then complete the transaction. Any rebates awarded will follow the original transaction in reverse (back to a Paypal account or credit card).

Games will be scheduled between 4/3 and 5/2 teams – the team Captains are left to decide how these games will be played. Games are typically not scheduled between Open and coed divisions unless strong geographic considerations exist (south shore teams, for instance).

At the time of registration, the online information form will ask for the town the team is based in, which will be used to match appropriate opponents during scheduling (as possible). During registration the Captain can indicate two teams or even a gender division that they would prefer not to play. These responses are reviewed by the league for Spirit concerns. Additional questions may be asked regarding scheduling preferences.


Before stepping onto the field all players must sign and submit a BUDA waiver for the current calendar year. Waivers are available from the BUDA Player’s page. These waivers are custom for each player, and show their BUDA ID number as well as their registered email address. For a posted waiver to count towards a team requirement, this email address must be the same as the one added to the team's roster. "Generic" or blank waiver forms cannot be used. Team captains can also find waivers for each of their players from their Captain's page. Waivers can be faxed or mailed. The fax number and mailing address are on the waiver.

Waivers have to be processed by BUDA. An individual's waiver status is noted on both the Player's and Captain's pages. If a submitted waiver is not processed in a week, please submit it again. It is the players/captain's responsibility to ensure that the waiver is both submitted and processed.

Note that BUDA waivers are required. Other waivers (including USA Ultimate and High School League waivers) will not be accepted for this requirement.

Captains and GMs

The individual who registers a BUDA-SCL team is automatically designated a Captain, and has online functions from the Captain’s page allowing him/her to manage the roster, schedule, and authorize other Captains.

The league assumes that Captains are responsible for the conduct of their teams. Captains are in particular responsible for the behavior of their players, and it is in the best interest of our league that the Spirit of the Game is held in high regard.

In addition, Captains, can designate General Managers (GMs), who are responsible for game scheduling. It is up to each team how it should be organized; however, one or more GMs should be designated by the team to direct scheduling communications to, even if these are the same individuals as the Captains. Often teams will schedule their league provided games well in advance of the week they are to be played, so that they can add games with other opponents to their schedule on off days. This also gives time to work out potential problems regarding game location, and to find alternate opponents if necessary. It is therefore important that team managers respond to contact from other teams in a timely manner.

Note that a pattern of negative feedback for a team regarding communication can lead to separation from the league. It is also expected that Captains and GMs can be contacted with short notice on game days should field or weather problems arise. Therefore, these individuals are asked to also include home and/or cell phone numbers for short-notice contact on their BUDA Player profile, which will be available only to other team managers and league officials through the BUDA website.


Each team is to maintain an online roster that includes all actively participating players. A significant restriction exists regarding players switching teams, which is not allowed after June 1 (unless permission granted by the SCL Commissioner). Captains are responsible for understanding this rule, and should therefore be aware of any relevant experience for players added onto their rosters after June 1. Teams are free to add players to their rosters at any time of the season, so long as this rule is not violated (that is, players that are new to the league can join a team at any time).

Captains can add players to their online roster using functions of the Captain’s page. Each player must already have a BUDA account, with roster additions made using the email address associated with that account. Once added to the roster, Captains can get the required waiver for each player by clicking in the Waiver column in the 'Show Roster' page.

Individual players can also add themselves onto a team’s roster from their Player’s page. However, they will not have access to this function until they have submitted a waiver. Players should not add themselves onto a team’s roster until given permission by the Captains. If someone should be added a roster by mistake, Captains can remove them using the 'Manage Team Roster' selection from the Captains page.

Players can only play for one SCL team at a time, and can switch teams prior to June 1. As players are joining a team they need to appear on its roster prior to playing in a league game; however, they must have a waiver on file and they must not be listed on any other team's roster.

Ultimate rules

Unless otherwise noted, we use USA Ultimate 11th edition rules. This includes SCL allowing foot blocks, which as a point of reference are not permitted in some other BUDA leagues.

As of June 12 of the 2012 season, SCL is adopting 2 trial rules from USAU's club championship series, which are expected to be included in the next edition release by USAU for everyone. These are as follows:

1) Endzone Size - Endzone length will be shortened to 20 yards (from 25 yards). This change allows for consistency with WFDF rules used in international competition and increases the number of field sites that can be used for ultimate.

2) Contact Call - If contact occurs between the thrower and marker that would constitute a foul under XVI.H.3.a but the thrower does not release the disc, "contact" may be called. Play does not stop and the marker resumes the stall count at "one". Other than resetting the stall count to "one" after the first instance, the "contact" call is treated as any other marking violation. The marker may contest the "contact" call by calling "violation", which stops play. If the thrower calls "contact" after beginning the throwing motion and subsequently releases the disc, it is treated as if the thrower called "foul".

Remember, Ultimate is a non contact sport. It is everyone's responsibility to avoid contact. No play is worth an injury. Details of the BUDA policy regarding contact can be found at the following link:

Gender rules

There are no rules regarding player gender for Open conference teams.

For 5/2 conference teams, the rule is that no more than 5 of the 7 on field players can be of one gender, while the opposing team need not match.

For 4/3 conference teams, the rule is that no more than 4 of the 7 on field players can be of one gender, with the offense (receiving team) setting the mix and the opposing team must match. If the opposing team cannot match they must play down. Note that exceptions can be made when a game is played, and we expect Captains will discuss any challenges with meeting this rule prior to the start of a game, with good spirit taken into account.

Finding a team

Unlike our seasonal (hat) leagues, BUDA does not place players onto Summer Club League teams. However, we do maintain a "recruitment" list of players that are interested in joining a Summer Club League team. You can add yourself to this list at See the instructions for more information.

Finding players

Login to your Captain's page and select 'View players looking for teams'. After you login, you will want to choose your league (SCL).

As a captain you will have access to the entire list. It is broken up into 3 categories:

"Not Started" - This means that the player hasn't been contacted by any team captains.

"In Progress" - This means that the player has "claims" from one or more team captains but the player has not chosen a team to play with permanently.

"Claimed" - This means that the player has chosen a team to play with for this season.

In the first 2 categories, you will be able to access the players contact information. To access each players contact info and other relevant information, click the "Edit" button. If that player's interests match those of your team (location, competitive level, gender ratio, etc.) you can make a "Claim" on that player. To do so, fill in a short note in the "claim comment" field (your team name, the date you are initiating contact, and what you are inviting the player out for) and depress the "Make a claim" button. The player's status will now be changed to "In Progress". You can then use the contact information from the player's profile (email, phone) to make your invitation. Note that the contents of the "claim comment" field are NOT sent to the player - you must make contact separately. Once the player has changed their status to "claimed", you will no longer be able to access their contact info. It is up to the player to change their status, therefore you can assume the player is available if they are listed in the "Not Started" or "In Progress" lists.

Multiple teams can put "claims" on players and you will see who's done so on the "In Progress" list.

In addition to the aforementioned system, there is a Forum page for BUDA-SCL entitled “Players Wanted/Available”, where players can post notes regarding specific interests in finding a team, and teams can post advertisements looking for players. For both players and teams making posts to this forum, it will be helpful if basic information is provided to allow for viewers to evaluate making further contact, including:

Contact info (email and/or phone), playing experience and level of play desired, preferences or team status including: coed vs open conference, home field location and expected travel (or limitations), and typical days of the week available or expected.


As noted, BUDA-SCL will provide each team, registered and paid by the posted deadline, with one scheduled game per week. It is up to the two teams involved in each game as to when and where it is played.


A number of BYE weeks are included in the league schedule. Some of these BYEs are open weeks for all teams, when games can be scheduled by team managers with opponents not included in the league schedule. Some of these BYEs are around holidays, such as July 4, when teams may prefer not to schedule games. Finally, some of these BYEs are due to our potentially having an odd number of teams registered in a given conference, and are therefore unavoidable. BUDA-SCL does its best every year to fill out the schedule and limit the number of these “forced” BYEs.

Adding games

Additional games can be scheduled between team managers. A list of teams by division will be provided on the Captain’s page. The team’s online schedule can be edited based on . when league scheduled games are settled upon, as well as for adding new games with other teams. However, no games should be added to this schedule until both teams agree.


Email is used as the primary method of communication by our league, both to distribute information from the commissioners to teams and to enable contact between teams. Email addresses for opposing teams will be displayed to team managers from within the schedule portion of the Captain's page, while there are also specific menu items for retrieving emails and phone numbers for league managers, by conference and division, to facilitate setting up new games.

Phone numbers

A phone number for game day contact is required from each Captain and GM on their Player's page, which will be visible only to other team managers. This will allow contact in the event of last-minute questions (such as confirming field location or discussing weather issues).

Game locations

The teams involved with scheduled games should work out amongst themselves when and where they will play these games. Traditionally, many games have been played on Thursday evenings, but teams are free to play at any time that is acceptable to both teams.

Note that the league is Metro Boston based and most teams will presume that games will be in the Metro Boston area (normally within 128). In the 5/2 conference, there are two geographic divisions (North and West). Members of those divisions can expect a portion of their games (around half) to be in those areas (North and West of Boston), with the remainder against Metro based teams. The open and 4/3 conferences do not have geographical divisions. Teams signing up for those conferences should expect to play most of their games in the Metro Boston area.

In all cases, it is left up to the team managers work out an agreeable day, time and location for their scheduled games. Even for teams within 128, there can be a fair distance separating home fields, while some teams may not be very mobile outside of T coverage. Team mangers should try to reach some sort of equitable agreement as to the location of the game.

Setting aside games

If team managers cannot agree on a location or a day/time for a league scheduled game, then it can be dropped from the schedule without penalty. However, opposing teams will not expect this to occur with short warning (less than 1-2 weeks), as they are likely to have trouble making arrangements for a replacement game. If you believe your team has logistic or weekday scheduling issues that will require accommodations from other teams, start these discussions early.

Finding fields

Teams are responsible for securing their own field space for the summer. We wish that BUDA was able to provide fields for all teams to use, but space is tight in Greater Boston, so teams must get creative to ensure that they have somewhere to play every week. If you have been unable to get field space, we suggest that you talk to schools and colleges in your area as well as speaking with the local park and recreation department.

That said, BUDA always tries to get permits for fields for the summer. This is usually accomplished, with varying degrees of success. Dates that fields are available will be posted to the BUDA website, so please check to see if fields are available for later in the summer on a day that you know you will have a game.

The fields that BUDA is able to offer are generally not free. Teams that are subletting these fields will need to pay for the permit for that day. The fees involves are not high, particularly if they can be split by the two teams playing (sometimes four teams if two games can be fit into the space). Therefore, splitting a sublet fee between both teams involved in a game is reasonable, but should be brought up as part of the negotiation process to set a game location.

An important note concerning the use of fields: there is a tab for field location within the online schedule that shows commonly used field locations throughout the Boston area. These listings should not be used as a way for teams to "hunt" for fields to play their games on. Playing on fields used by other SCL teams without permission could unintentionally lead to the loss of access to those fields entirely, depending on circumstances. This would be a loss felt by the entire league, putting added pressure on the dwindling field sources that remain. Some agreement with the field's owner (optimally a permit) should be reached before using a field.

Also, some teams may choose not to include their fields in the schedule list. In this case, teams can communicate directly to pick a location, and the default "team negotiated field" can remain listed for the game.

Reporting scores

After each game, it is the responsibility of the winning team to record the score from the link on the Captain’s page.

In addition to a numerical score, a spirit score should be entered for the opponent by each team involved in the game. These scores range from 1-5, with 1=Poor, 2=Fair, 3=Good, 4=Great, and 5=Outstanding. These scores will be monitored by SCL staff to assess each team’s performance. Similar to communication problems, a pattern of poor spirit scores for a team can lead to separation from the league.


If a team cannot field a minimum squad of 7 on the day of a scheduled game, including gender requirements for their conference, then the opponent can mark it as a forfeit on the score reporting page, with the score reported as a 1-0 win for the non-forfeiting team. Forfeited games do not count toward required minimums for team or player statistics to qualify for the tournament (but they do count for the non-forfeiting team). It is expected that teams will not have to regularly forfeit games, and that this will only occur due to unusual circumstances. A pattern of excess forfeits will cause a team’s future participation in the league to be reviewed.


More and more often, schools, universities, and municipalities are asking BUDA teams for proof of insurance coverage and listing them as 'additional insured' before issuing permits and allowing play. BUDA carries a liability policy, which will protect the organization if there is an accident resulting in a lawsuit, providing that we have followed the proper guidelines. Please note that this is not medical coverage for individual participants, but general liability coverage.

In order to be eligible for a certificate of insurance (COI) a BUDA SCL team will need to have registered and paid for their team for that season, have submitted a roster with a minimum of 7 people of the correct gender makeup for their registered conference, and everyone listed on their roster needs to have submitted a waiver for the current year.

The team should send their request to with:

Requestor's Name

Team Name

Season (SCL, FCL)

Purpose of field usage (tournament, games/practices)

Dates of field usage (beginning/end)

Facility name, facility address & contact person

The COI will be mailed directly to the facility, and the clerk should have a backup email copy in case there's a holdup. Turnaround time is usually less than five business days.


An end of season, two-day tournament is provided as part of the registration for BUDA-SCL. This tournament is typically played over a single weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in mid August. The exact weekend this tournament is held may vary by conference, as announced at the start of each season. Our philosophy for this tournament is that it is an extension and culmination of the regular season. Hence, teams are expected to have the same roster and general performance.


Teams from the regular season do not have to participate in the tournament.

A deposit check will be required ahead of the tournament. This check will not be cashed, UNLESS the team violates a tournament operation or field rule. An email will announce when and where this check is to be submitted, generally by the end of July, in order to be included for the tournament schedule.

Registration for the tournament is an important decision. It is therefore essential that team managers be aware of expected attendance from their players, and that they are prepared to make it through the two-day event with sufficient numbers. Breaking down during the tournament is a significant distraction to league officials, as schedules are impacted and teams can be left with unexpected byes. Withdrawing during the tournament will result in a loss of the submitted deposit, regardless of the reason why. We recommend that teams use 2x their on field requirement (including gender rules) as a target minimum number of players, resulting in 14 players being expected to attend for the whole weekend.

In general, teams should expect to play 3-4 games on Saturday, and a minimum of 2 games on Sunday. These numbers can vary by conference and year.

At the time of tournament registration, teams will have the opportunity to confirm which conference they will be playing in. Note that teams do NOT have to play in the same conference at the tournament as they did for the regular season.

Prior to the tournament, each team will be asked to submit an online tournament roster, selected from players from their regular season roster. This is a function performed by from the Captain’s page.


Each team must play 8 games against other teams in SCL during the season in order to qualify for the tournament. A game counts only if there are a sufficient number of players with submitted waivers on the team’s online roster. A forfeited game does not count for the forfeiting team. No more than two games against the same opponent can be counted towards the minimum of 8.

A player must have played at least 4 waivered games with their team in order to be eligible for the tournament. Each team must submit a tournament roster listing each player and verifying that each has played 4 games with the team. It is a significant violation of SCL Rules to include players who have not met the requirements on the roster or to use non-rostered players during the tournament. If problems meeting this rule are encountered ahead of the tournament, contact the Commissioners’ office. NO exceptions will be granted during the tournament.

An added “risk” for roster violations is the split tournament format being used, dividing up the conferences. Captains are responsible for the content of their teams, and there are no circumstances under which players could participate in both tournament weekends. Captains will be asked to sign off on an official tournament roster prior to the start of play on Day 1.


During the tournament we use USA Ultimate’s web-based Score Reporter. This will allow for on-line submission of scores, as well as real-time reseeding for cross-over and playoff rounds. This will involve the creation of team profiles on the USAU web-site (if your team participates in USAU tournaments and already has a profile, we will use it). Links for each conference will be provided in advance of the tournament, along with a schedule and field location map.


SCL will provide water at each field. Additionally, shared provisions will be provided at Frisbee Central, including fruit, bagels, spreads, etc. Also, a vendor (the Slush Lady) generally sets up a tent at the tournament with cooked food and cold drinks available for purchase.

Field rules

Air horns will be used to signal first game start, as well as soft and hard caps. Soft caps will have a single horn blast, hard caps will have a double horn blast.  For 2-hour time slot games the soft cap will be blown at 90 minutes, while the hard cap will be blown at 100 minutes.

For soft cap in the coed conferences: finish the point in progress and the game is capped at the higher score plus two. If the capped score is reached it is not necessary to win by two.  Note that soft caps are not used in the open conference.

For hard cap in the coed conferences: finish the point; if tied, play one more point, otherwise game over. No horn to start the next round.

For hard cap in the open conference: finish the point; add one to the higher score and play to that number. No horn to start the next round.

Note that the current point begins as soon as the previous point is scored.

Teams have two timeouts per half. Once the soft cap goes on, there are no timeouts. The first time a player calls a timeout when their team does not have one it is NOT a turnover. There is an immediate check and play resumes. Subsequent timeout calls are turnovers. The USAU overtime rule for timeouts does not apply.

Except for the differences noted here, USAU’s 11th Edition rules are in effect for the tournament. Unlike some BUDA leagues, foot blocks are legal.

There will be brick marks on fields with painted lines.

Captains are responsible for making sure their scores are reported. It is critical that scores be reported immediately so that we can reseed without delaying the tournament. Try to have someone on your team designated to use score reporter, as that will speed things up immensely. As with the regular season, the winning team’s Captain should be the one to report the score, but both teams are responsible for this being done.

Tie breakers are (in order): 1) win/loss records, counting only games between teams that are tied;
2) point differentials, counting only the games between the teams that are tied; 3) point differentials, counting games against all common opponents; 4) if all else fails, ro-sham-bo.

Gender rules for the tournament match league rules for each conference.

Please remember that Ultimate is a non-contact sport. There are significant differences in the sizes of players. All of us get more intense at the tournament, but please be careful to avoid contact. No reception is worth an injury.


Five horn blasts signify a lightning delay--put down the disc immediately and seek shelter in cars or buildings. Play will resume 30 minutes after last lightning strike, signified by three horns.

You must show up to all of your scheduled games on Saturday and Sunday, or risk losing your deposit.  The only exception to this rule is for the consolation games on Sunday. These are provided for the mutual enjoyment of both teams, but they do not have to be played. However, if you elect not to play a consolation game please tell Frisbee Central and/or your opponent.

There is a restriction for tents at Devens: they can be set up in peripheral areas of the main fields only, 20 ft. back from the sideline. No exceptions – if we see any in the center we will ask you to take them down.

NO GLASS ON THE FIELDS.  No beer bottles, no pickle jars, nothing breakable.

PARK IN DESIGNATED AREAS ONLY.  State Police barracks are adjacent to Rogers field & they will ticket.

All dogs must be kept on a leash.

USE PORTOJOHNS.  Do not urinate on the fields, State Police will ticket, and the local residents will be offended if they see it.  Believe it or not, this is one of our greatest risks to losing access to the fields at Devens.  The residents are watching, and they would love to snap a digital picture of one of us doing something bad like this. Please respect this rule!

WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE, particularly near residential areas.  Do you really want to give the locals a(nother) reason to complain about us?

PUT TRASH INTO, NOT NEXT TO, TRASH BINS. Devens has limited support staff, and they will be unhappy about having to pick up after us. Please help us clean up after each day.


Infractions: If a Commissioner or the tournament staff observe a problem, the team may be asked to leave and lose your deposit. However, if Devens staff or the state police catch someone doing something wrong they will be asked to leave and you will lose your deposit.

If an ambulance is needed DO NOT CALL 911, instead seek out the trainer, as they have direct access to local dispatch (which will save time and avoid confusion).

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