Winter Indoor Hat League 2012


Registration went active on Monday, January 2.  Registration closed on Sunday, January 29th; however, Northboro (men and women) and Revere (Just women) will remain open to pad the waitlist a little.  In those cases, links to "Sign up for Winter Hat League 2012" are available on your Player's Page, linked in the right-hand column.

Players sign up as individuals and get assigned to teams.  Players can only sign up with one other partner.  Teams were announced on January 30th.

The gender ratio will try to be 3/2 in Revere and 4/1 in Northboro when possible, some games may need to be played as open depending on attendance.


For those of you aware of the "secret free pickup games", note below the ones that were cancelled.  To be safe always check back here to see if any upcoming pickup games are cancelled.



You need to have a 2012 waiver on file in order to register.  The 2012 waiver will be available from your Player's Page starting on December 15.  Once you sign and fax/mail it, it will still take a few days for BUDA to process it.  So we encourage you to send in your waiver as soon as possible before January 2 or else you will have to wait to register.  This requirement was also sent out to all BUDA members as a reminder in mid-December.  You should have received that email if you have a BUDA profile and you've checked the "Contact Preference" box under the "Contact Info" tab.

Waivers cannot be accepted by email.

If you are trying to sign up but you have not sent in your waiver, then you will have to send it in and wait for it to be processed.  Unfortunately, the contact email for this league () does not have control over processing the waivers.  But they should get processed at least every other day during this time of the year because we know that this is when many people are trying to register.  So you should check back a couple times each day until you can register.  If you are concerned about the league filling up before your waiver gets processed, then feel free to email the contact address above and we will do the best we can to give you a little more priority than other late registrants since we know you had intentions to send in your waiver at least by the time you you emailed us.

If after 72 hours (plus expected mail delivery time if you mailed it instead of faxing it) you still don't see your waiver processed, try the troubleshooting steps below.

Troubleshooting waiver issues:

  • Make sure your fax machine receives a successful confirmation
  • Make sure you faxed the correct side of the paper (fax both sides to be safe if you're not familiar with using the fax machine)
  • Make sure the waiver was printed from YOUR OWN Player's Page and not from someone else's.  Your BUDA player ID and signature must be visible.




Northborough section

Revere section

Location Teamworks Northborough
185 Otis Street, Northborough, MA 01532
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Teamworks Revere
321 Charger St, Revere, MA
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Dates * Monday or Wednesday (games will randomly alternate between days each week)
* February 6 through March 28
* 8 weeks, one 90 minute game per week, starting at 8pm or 9:30pm
* Final 3 weeks are playoff weeks, so those schedules only comes out 5-6 days in advance.  All teams participate in all 3 games of playoffs.
* 6 teams
* Sundays
* February 5 through March 25
* 8 weeks, one 90 minute game per week, sometime between 12noon and 9pm
* Final 3 weeks are playoff weeks, so those schedules only comes out 5-6 days in advance.  All teams participate in all 3 games of playoffs.
* 12 teams
Weather cancellation policy Teamworks does not close due to any weather conditions.  Therefore, BUDA does not plan to cancel any games.  Travel at your own discretion.  If there are not enough players and subs on a team because of travel conditions, strongly consider recording the score as 1-1 to be fair. Teamworks does not close due to any weather conditions.  Therefore, BUDA does not plan to cancel any games.  Travel at your own discretion.  If there are not enough players and subs on a team because of travel conditions, strongly consider recording the score as 1-1 to be fair.
Cost $90 $90
Arena and Foorwear
A 185x85 foot indoor soccer field with high quality turf, meaning you can wear plastic cleats.  Metal spikes are not allowed.
A 156x84 foot indoor soccer field with high quality turf.  Revere Teamworks requires turf cleats (as shown at right) or sneakers.  Your usual outdoor plastic cleats are not allowed. turf cleats

Note: Revere Teamworks does not have a lost and found.  They throw everything away.  So if you see stuff from the previous team, help out by taking it with you and having captains contact each other.

After-game Restaurants Though not a sponsor, Teamworks Northborough has a restaurant and bar on site that overlooks the indoor fields.

Our semi-sponsor is Uno Chicago Grill (mobile link) of Revere, just down the street!

Uno logo

With a minimum of 6 BUDA players, they are offering free mini-appetizers for each player. Just let them know that your group is part of the BUDA Ultimate Snack Hour Party.

210 Squire road, Revere, MA 02151
Directions from Teamworks


Indoor ultimate is played just like regular BUDA hat leagues with the following differences.  The usual Winter Indoor Hat League rules are basically in effect except for the pulls, substitutions, and an extra timeout.

  • To increase play time, games will run continuously in a two-pull game: one at the start and one at the half. After a point is scored by a team, that team puts the disc on the ground.  Then, the team that was scored on starts the next point on offense by "putting the disc into play after a point is scored" (defined below).  This means that your team will only head for one end zone in the first half and only head for the other end zone in the second half.
  • As each point is scored, substitutions on both sides can be "initiated" until the disc is put into play. To be "initiated", substitutions must start heading for the arena door with one arm raised before the disc is allowed to be put into play.  While leaving, they cannot participate if the point starts. Replacement players can enter and participate immediately upon initiation of a substitution, even if the person leaving the arena is not off the field yet.
  • For the purpose of this league, "putting the disc into play after a point is scored" consists of the following:
    1. Starting from when the score was made, this whole process should take about 10 seconds to allow for substitutions to be initiated while maximizing the speed of play.
    2. The handler picks up the disc and brings it to the end zone line nearest to where it was picked up.
    3. The handler and marker must both verbally agree that their teams are ready to play.  Failure to make this agreement is a violation.
    4. The handler must establish a pivot point at the spot nearest to the end zone line and touch the disc to the ground so that all players can see that the handler and marker agreed that their teams are ready to play.
    5. Waiting too long to put the disc into play is considered "delay of game" and the usual USAU rules are in effect for starting a stall count.  That is, a defender within 10 feet of where the disc is to be put into play can initiate the stall count if audible 10 and 5 second warnings are announced.  As an additional rule to prevent the marker from delaying the game, the handler can also give audible 10 and 5 second warnings before declining the marker's privilege to agree that the defense is ready.  Also, by initiating a 10 second warning, you are establishing that you are "in agreement" and ready for your opponent to agree.
  • Stall count is to 7.
    • Contested stalls go back 2 seconds, just like USAU rules.
    • Fouls over 5 seconds that USAU rules bring back to 6 seconds should be brought back to 4 seconds instead.
  • Male/Female Format is ideally 4/1 or 3/2 offense calls, but historically, this has proven difficult.  Therefore, the league is open (no required gender ratio), but teams should make their best effort to field at least 1 woman per point and to match gender ratios.  Of course, captains can always agree to differences.
  • Timing: Half time and final score are determined by time instead of score:
    • Play time starts exactly on the scheduled hour.
    • 5 minutes of warm up.  It can be shorter by agreement of the captains.
    • Start the game at 5 after the hour.
    • First half is 40 minutes (25 minutes for a 1 hour game).  At the halftime buzzer, play until the point is scored.
    • Halftime is at most 5 minutes. It can be shorter by agreement of the captains.
    • Second half plays right to the end of the hour. Tip: for a 90 minute game, set up the scoreboard for 90 minutes and just remember to start at 85, half at 45, game over at 0.
    • Game ends at the final buzzer even if the score is tied.  That is, just like basketball, the last throw must be made before the buzzer starts (or before the time expires if the buzzer is not enabled).  The point can still be caught after the time runs out.
    • Recognize that games start and end exactly on time.  It's difficult to start the timer at the same time the previous game ended, so be sure to subtract the right number of minutes when setting the timer.  All captains have my permission to end a previous game by using the scoreboard buzzer if that game is running over time unless one of the following exceptions applies:
      • If the first game starts more than 5 minutes late because a previous league has run over their allowed time, you must receive permission from the front desk for all of our league games to run over the same amount of time.  It is the captain's responsibility to pass this information along to captains of subsequent games.
      • If there is a foul or violation during the last possession or throw, play can continue for one more throw without a foul or violation.
      • During playoffs, if the score is tied, ignore the time and play to the end of the point.
    • Each team gets two 60 second timeouts per game.
  • Boundaries:
    • The walls and net are in bounds, including the soccer goal. Safety reminder: Recognize that the walls are hard surfaces and pose an additional hazard to playing ultimate.  Always avoid initiating anyone including yourself from coming into contact with the walls.
    • A wall trap is legal since the wall is in play.
    • If the disc is trapped against the wall by two opponents at the same time, tie goes to the offense. If there is disagreement about who trapped it first, the disc goes back to the thrower.
    • Any disc that comes to rest in the net or between the net and the wall is considered out of bounds. When this happens in an end zone, the disc comes to the goal line.
    • The ceiling and/or beams are out of bounds. The disc comes back into play where it landed or at the front of the end zone.
  • No foot blocks.
  • Endzones are 4 yards unless captains agree to differences.

These rules are the defaults.  Captains can always agree to differences.


If you're in need or a ride or want to find a carpool partner, I suggest posting to the WHL forum.  If you find a carpool partner, then you'll want to change your HHL application to sign up with that partner to get on the same team.  I want to make it clear that changing your application will not effect your chances of getting into the league.  However, you must change your application before the registration deadline or else you'll lose the chance to change your partner request.


Visit our WHL forum for questions or to tell us what you think.

If you have questions about the Holiday Hat League, please send e-mail to .

Greg Aloe
BUDA Indoor Commissioner

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